Bearded Dragons ; Awesome additions to the family

Ziggy is our friends Bearded Dragon! Eveytime I look or photograph him he always is alert and being a great model. He is pretty amazing to look at and makes a personable pet. Personality is in all creatures and Ziggy deffinantly has one! When he is looking at me I feel like he is studying me and is curious of why I’m there. Sometimes he looks as if he’s interested in the sound of the television. He will close his eyes when you pet him softly with a finger tip on is head. They let him run around everyday and he always likes to go to the cool tile area, or behind the tv ! (which isn’t safe, obviously!).

As much fun as Ziggy is he does take a lot of care. He is fed twice a day with crickets mostly and a few mill worms. He also has access to fresh lettuce or other vegetables daily. They bathe him frequently and make sure his cage is always clean of feces and vegetables that have been out for a while or wasn’t wanted by Ziggy. He has a set time schedule for lights and his bedtime. At night he goes to bed at 8:00 pm and wakes up at 7:00 am ! That is very important to Ziggy to insure he is happy and healthy.

Bearded Dragons can be awesome pets. If anyone ever is thinking about having a bearded dragon as a pet make sure you have to time to care for them as well as any  other reptile. This is just a few things I’ve noticed about Ziggy and his family. For all the information you need please check out :

SeamlessPortraitPhotography-Pet-ZiggyJulyBlog-2  SeamlessPortraitPhotography-Pet-ZiggyJulyBlog-5

SeamlessPortraitPhotography-Pet-ZiggyJulyBlog-4   SeamlessPortraitPhotography-Pet-ZiggyJulyBlog-1


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