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We’re back on track now ! With graduating and working a full time job I haven’t been as up to date on our social media. We just added new photographs to the website and are now offering a pet photography special !

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Christmas time! Ideas for crafts for kids around the holidays.

Christmas is almost here! I always loved making my own ornaments. We would get a set of pre-made clay ornaments and paint them all day. I had a blast. My brother and I gave them to family members as presents when we were younger. I miss those times in elementary school where you would make crafts!

Here are some links to some awesome craft and ornaments for some holiday spirit –

Winter Wonderland

Gingerbread Man Ornament

Tissue Paper Christmas Wreath

Spoon Angels

Reindeer Mask

Have a Merry Christmas !

cuties and poochies

cuties and poochies

Sweet potato dog treats!

I tried out the other recipe for dog treats! They came out pretty well this time over last. The original recipe calls for egg. My dog is allergic to egg. Every time he eats egg he ends up throwing up for a few hours. I read where you can substitute egg for apple sauce, bananas, yogurt, and a few others! I used apple sauce. I thought that it would go nicely with the sweet potato. My dog loves both sweet potato and apples! The treats are a nice texture I think, a long with the cheese ones I tried the other day. The apple sauce made them a little soft however I think they work for dogs because they are only a little soft on the inside. Nobody wants to eat a hard and brittle treat! The last picture is  of the finished treat.

1 cup of canned sweet potato

1 3/4 cup of wheat flour

1 beaten egg ( or 1/4 cup of unsweetened applesauce)

Roll dough out and use a cookie cutter for 1/4 inch thick treats. Bake at 350 for 20 – 25 minutes (mine took a little longer).

cutiesandpoochies-dogtreat-1 cutiesandpoochies-dogtreat-2


Recipe from : http://www.mybakingaddiction.com/homemade-dog-treats/

Egg Substitute Options : http://www.dogtreatkitchen.com/dog-treat-recipe-without-eggs.html

Trying homemade dog treats!

I tried making my own dog treats for the first time yesterday! They are so simple to make and came out really well. I didn’t use a full 1/4 cup of vegetable oil and had to add a lot more water to get a consistency to roll out. That might be because I didn’t add it slowly! 🙂 It’s up to your dog if they are able to handle dairy! My dog loves cheese and it doesn’t seem to upset his stomach. Next time I’m going to use a smaller cookie cutter and make them a little thinner but they came out pretty well for the first time! You might want to refrigerate them because of the cheese. I’m about to try sweet potato and apple sauce dog treats. Tried them yesterday but they didn’t turn out so well.

1 1/2 cup flour

1 1/4 cup of grated cheddar cheese

1/4 cup vegetable oil

4 tablespoons of water

Mix the ingredients and slowly add water. When you can roll the dough into a ball roll it out and use your cookie cutters! Bake at 350 for 10 minutes. Makes up to 30 biscuits. ( If I made them smaller it would have! )

2013-11-25 15.26.14

2013-11-25 15.33.20 (1)

Recipe from : http://www.all-natural-dog-treat.com/cheesedogtreats.html

The best light for little faces !

If you’re planning on shooting a little one outside or inside a soft light is always the best. I find it best to use a  2 x 2 soft-box and the smaller the better. The smaller the modifier on artificial light the more of the little one is being lit evenly and not over powered. I have kept with a one light set-up for children. A small umbrella and even a beauty dish could give a softer more even light. If I use a beauty dish I use the white sock that acts like a soft-box over it and make sure the power is low. If there is more than one person in the photograph then I would use the same modifier on another light and might switch it up to a larger umbrella or soft-box. When photographing babies I also like to keep a low aperture which also helps with the soft effect.

These are a few photographs of Gabriel from last fall. I used a low depth of field on these, and a 2 x2 soft-box.

SeamlessPortraitPhotography-Portraits-GabrielFall5blog  SeamlessPortraitPhotography-Portraits-GabrielFall2blog

SeamlessPortraitPhotography-Portraits-GabrielFall4blog   SeamlessPortraitPhotography-Portraits-GabrielFall3blog